I am very sorry to write to you in english but i dont speak German.Using google translate to navigate through some pages.Hope someone can answer.this.My father gets his pension from Germany but for health insurance he is insured in Greece. He pays 8,5 % of his pension for this.I recently found out that maybe it is possible to get some amount returned to him by submitting an application .That is what happened.we received the R820 form to complete with the B section highlighted with a yellow marker.I assume this section has to be completed by the insurance company (IKA) but since it is in German they dont know what to make of it and wouldnt complete any of it.They said to get the R820 translated into Greek and then to see what it is about.If i translate the R820 document and it is filled out by them and submit it back in Greek would it be accepted? What should i do?Is the R820 available in other languages?


Hallo Nikos,

bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass wir in diesem Forum nur in deutscher Sprache auf Ihr Anliegen eingehen können.
Wir empfehlen sich direkt mit dem Rentenversicherungsträger Ihres Vaters in Verbindung zu setzen und um Übersendung einer Version des Formulars in griechischer/englischer Sprache zu bitten.